Pippa Middleton’s derierre drew a lot of attention in that white, skin-tight maid-of-honor dress she wore to her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William… and now it’s actually changing the “face” of plastic surgery, so to speak. Plastic surgeons say while breast implants used to be the rage, now it’s all about the behind.  And while some women don’t want to go as far as getting a Kim Kardashian butt, they are lining up to go under the knife to get a replica of Pippa’s posterior. 

- I remember a similar trend happened here in Detroit when Kwame’s Dad married Carolyn “Cheeks” Kilpatrick.

- When Kate heard the news she reportedly sighed and said, “It’s always the bridesmaid… never the bride!”

- Prince Charlie’s marriage to long-time love Camilla sparked a wave of “re-shoeing”.