As both R and D Congressional leaders scramble to come up with a passable plan on the debt ceiling, there are reports that President Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth.  Some media outlets are reporting that while the Prez is warning the public of the economic Armageddon that might ensue if the debt limit isn’t raised by next Tuesday, his staffers were quietly assuring major banks that the US won’t default on it’s debts and has enough money to keep paying it’s bills for weeks beyond that. 

- There are reports that when debt collectors call the White House, the Prez changes his voice and tells them “I’m sorry.  The Obama’s don’t live here anymore.”

- Things are so bad, Canada won’t even loan us a cup of Sugar! 

- Why don’t they just call one of those debt consolidation guys who advertise on TV!  They can consolidate our trillion dollar deficit into one low, easy monthly payment!  

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