A poll of 70,000 people by AskMen.com and Comso magazine found that men and women have very different values when it comes to partners.  Among the findings:  39% of men think family is the ultimate status symbol, while 41% of women chose a beautiful house and 25% said it was a successful partner.  

- Just look at Arnold Schwartzenegger… He values family so much, he has TWO of them! 

On the romantic side: 51% of men wish they were better endowed, while only 18% of women wished their mate was, more, uh, “enhanced”.  Also, nearly half of men said they would dump their partner if she gained weight, while only 20% of women would do that.  And two-thirds of men have fantasized about their partner’s friends, while only 1/3 of women have done that. 

- Maybe the men are simply misinterpreting that whole “Friends… With Benefits” thing! 

- So size does matter!  To men!  

- Basically men wish they were “bigger” and their wives were “smaller”.