Viktor Jasinski of Meshchovsk, Russia picked the wrong woman to rob when he pulled a gun on hairdresser Olga Zajac.  She’s a karate blackbelt who knocked him out with one kick and tied him up with a hair dryer cord. He claims she took him to a backroom, stripped him naked, chained him to a radiator with pink fluffy handcuffs, and used him as a sex slave for three days, feeding him nothing but Viagra.  Eventually, she told him, “Get out of my sight,” and let him go. After getting his swollen testicles treated at a hospital, he went to the police, who arrested both of them.  Olga told the cops, “What a bastard.  Yes, we had sex a couple a times, but I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1000 Rubles ($45 US) when he left.”  

- All the men in Meshchovsk are saying, “Where can I find a girl like that?” 

- They have unanimously voted her “Hairdresser of the Year”. 

- The Russian Army is now using Olga’s picture on their recruiting posters.