Researcher Erin Cooper of Temple University is obsessed with the scientific study of why 60 percent of women fake orgasms and thinks she’s discovered several new reasons.  She says in a study of 366 women, she found that most do it more for themselves than to please their partners. One of the biggest reasons? They fake a “Big O” just because they want to get the sex overwith faster.

- What… 2 minutes isn’t fast enough?

- Turns out the women aren’t screaming “Yes!” They’re screaming, “Why don’t you help me with the housework?” but the guys are too caught up in the moment to notice.

- If you fake it while twittering “Anthony Weiner” it’s known as “Fwiteering”.

- I always thought “faking it” was that the woman was wearing a padded bra.  That’s when the man does the screaming!