Well, T.G.I.F. to one and all!  So, what did YOU think of this first week of summer?  Me?  I say @#$&!  Come on, we’re just days away from July 4th, hey, summer solstice, cut us some slack and some sunshine already!  Actually the weekend forecast looks pretty good, so enjoy it while you can. I’m so excited about the weather that in lieu of my usual Friday blog, I’m going to cover myself in # 500 sunscreen, relax, sit back and share a few moments from our Purtan’s People Past with you.  (I’m not confident enough to call it a “Best Of”, but I think you’ll enjoy listening just the same)  That being said…

Don’t look now, but the 2012 elections are just 17 months away!  Good news for the lawn sign making printers!  Actually, the 2012 Vote has been in the headlines lately, especially on the Republican side, as potential candidates jockey for position.  In that spirit, we thought we’d bring you this conversation with our former morning show political analyst, Dave Peterson, himself a failed candidate for every imaginable office - from president to drain commissioner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Dave Peterson!  Click below and let the fun begin…

“Dave Peterson”

Have a safe, fun and hopefully sunny weekend everyone and we’ll see you right back here on Monday!



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