Rumors are running rampant that O.J. Simpson is set to confess to Oprah that he killed his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman!  Sources say that O.J. has already told one of Oprah’s producers that he killed Nicole “in self defense” and that a jailhouse interview will air on Oprah’s new OWN Network in the very near future.  The ratings for OWN have been less than stellar and Oprah recently said that getting a confession from The Juice would be her “Dream Interview”. 

- And afterwards, she’ll give all the inmates in the audience a pair of gloves and a set of steak knives! 

- Some say it’s just a ploy to get viewers as in, “If the ratings are a mess… You must get OJ to confess!”

- Why would O.J. risk going to prison?  Oh, wait, he’s already in prison for the next 33 years!