Al Gore has a new idea for fighting global warming.  He was accused of hypocrisy because he preached austerity while living in a mansion and traveling in private jets and fleets of gas-guzzling SUV’s.  He also warned of rising oceans swallowing the coastlines, then bought a $9 million house on a beach.  So now he’s taking a new tact:  He claims the only way to save the planet is to have fewer people, so he wants to promote birth control and urge couples to have no more than two children.  BTW… Gore has four kids. 

- He’s taken a lot of heat for his ideas… but of course he just blames it on global warming. 

- Do you realize if he hadn’t invented the internet, you wouldn’t be reading this right now? 

- Gore’s so serious about this, he’s making a new documentary promoting birth control called, “An Inconvenient Condom”. 

- The most effective form of birth control?  Thinking about Al Gore having sex.