The New York Post reports that a former intern to Hillary Rodham Clinton has found a new career:  Porn Star. After Samantha Koithan finished her summer internship with Sen. Clinton in Buffalo, she married a rock musician and moved to Vegas.  She had planned on a career in public service, but had a change of heart and is now known as “Sammie Spades”, star of such adult films as “Big Butts Like It #8” and “White Bubble Butts 4”. 

- Who says she’s not still pursuing a career in public service?  

- She may have worked for Hillary… but it sounds like Bill really took her under his “West Wing”.  

- FYI - She took over the lead in the “White Bubble Butt” series from Kim Karsashian who starred in 1,2, & 3.  

- So I guess Bill isn’t the only Clinton who has a way of turning internships into successful careers! 

- The only difference between the Clintons is Bill has sex with his interns, and Hillary’s interns go on to have sex with lots of other people.  

- Rumor has it that the porn company wanted Hillary to star in “Girls In Pantsuits Gone Wild!” but she turned them down.