Bristol Palin’s memoir, “Not Afraid of Life:  My Journey So Far” comes out Friday and the 20-year-old really speaks her mind.  She reportedly snipes about how vain and annoying John McCains wife and daughter are and how rude the other contestants on DWTS were to her.  But she really comes down hard on her baby daddy, Levi Johnston. She calls him a “gnat” who was unsupportive during her pregnancy, cheated on her as “often as he sharpened his hockey skates” and refused to cut the cord at his own son’s birth because it was too gross, even though he can “field dress a moose with one arm tied behind his back”.  

- Rumor has it he also got her pregnant with one arm tied behind his back! 

- Sarah Palin actually cut the umbilical cord with both arms tied behind her back, using a swiss army knife clenched in her teeth.  Then she strapped Bristol and the baby on roof of her car and drove them home.