New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s mouth just keeps digging him deeper into trouble.  A female college student who was sent a photo of a “happy little congressmen” in boxer briefs through Weiner’s Twitter account insists she’s never even met Weiner, and he claimed it was a prank by a hacker.  It might’ve ended there, but to the amazement of political insiders, he’s kept the story alive for nearly a week with combative press conferences in which he calls a reporter “jackass” and refused to request a formal investigation.  Yesterday, he fanned the flames by insisting he didn’t send the lewd photo but that he “can’t say with certitude” that the photo isn’t of him.  

- Why don’t they just ask Mrs. Weiner?  

- Bill Clinton is thanking his lucky stars that “Twitter” hadn’t been invented when he was President. 

- Reporters are calling this “The Battle of The Bulge”… without the Germans.  

- If nothing else, the picture proves Congressman Weiner is a stand-up guy. 

- If his political career fizzles, he can always join “Up With People”.

- Is it just me or does Mr. Weiner seem to be “relishing” the media coverage?