Mayor… Convict… Author!  That’s right, The Kwamster has written an alleged tell-all memoir called “Surrendered: The Rise, Fall & Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick”.  The book won’t ship until late in July, but you can pre-order your copy NOW for just $26.95 at  The website claims that Kwame will spill all the beans about his wife, his mistress, EVERYTHING. In short, Kwame says he will tell the truth.  

- And of course I for one totally believe him!!!!!  

- I was going to pre-order a copy of the book, but after my monthly household expenses, I only have $6 left.  

The book may have to be a best seller for him to make any money.  Under state law, Kilpatrick can’t profit from the memoir until his restitution and incarceration costs to the city are repaid.  He still owes about $900,000 of the $1 million he agreed to pay after the text message scandal.  

- If my math is right, that means he needs to sell 33,395 copies of the book just to pay off what he owes… In that case he should have called the book, “Harry Potter and the Adulterer’s Texts”.