According to a UN report on the enforcement of sanctions against North Korea, back in 2010 Italy foiled a plot to sneak a shipment of Italian luxury goods out of the nation and into North Korea.  They blocked the shipment at the Milan Airport.  The contents:  Several dozen pair of high-quality tap-dancing shoes.  A UN spokesman said that dictator Kim Jong Il is known to order lavish stage performances, but it’s not clear what he planned to do with the tap-shoes. 

- I’d say he was going to eat them, but with their penchant for eating dog meat, he would have ordered “Hush Puppies”. 

- Maybe he just wanted them for the new North Korean Reality Show “So You Think You Can Tap Dance”. 

- Authorities knew the shoes were ordered by Kim Jong Il when they noticed they all had lifts in them.  

- Kim’s new nickname is “Mr. Bo-Jung-les”.