Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes polled Americans to ask who would be the best choice to take over running the Playboy empire when 85-year-old Hugh Hefner dies.  Their #1 choice:  Charlie Sheen.  But second place was something of a surprise:  Bill Clinton!  Clinton got 21 percent, only 4 points behind Sheen and easily beating out Tiger Woods, John Mayer and Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. 

- Bill Clinton immediately put out a hit on Charlie Sheen.  

- The hardest part is going to be getting a pair of bunny ears that match Hillary’s pantsuit.  

- How much you wanna bet that if Tiger Woods gets the gig his “smoking jacket” is green? 

- Now we can look forward to Monica Lewsinsky and Gennifer Flowers as “Playmates of the Month”.

- On the bright side, this is the first thing Bill and Hillary have agreed on in years:  Osama Bin Laden and Paula Jones pictures should NOT be made public!