Many Americans might be surprised to know that President Obama has Irish roots, but he was in Ireland Monday to celebrate them.  His father was Kenyan, but his mother was Irish-American.  Obama had a pint of Guinness, listened to fiddle-music, and visited with his “cousins” in the tiny town of Moneygall, where his great-great-great-grandfather used to be a shoemaker before heading to the US to seek a better life in 1850.  

- Donald Trump immediately demanded to see a receipt from Obama’s great-great-great-Grandfather’s Shoe Shop.

- It’s must be in the genes, because his great-great-great-grandfather left because Moneygall ran out of money!  

Obama’s visit to Ireland reminded me of a song we played a few years back on St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s by the Corrigan Brothers.  Enjoy!