Police in Petoskey got a call about a man hanging from the side of a downtown buisness at 1a.m. They arrived to find a chubby , long-haired 31-year-old man dressed in a homemade Batman costume.  He was carrying a baton-like striking weapon, a can of chemical irritant spray and a pair of lead-lined gloves.  His “secret identity” turned out to be Mark Williams.  On his MySpace page, Williams describes himself as a geek who loves “The Dark Knight,” likes to help others and is fed up with people who create drama. 

- Apparently his definition of “drama” doesn’t include hanging from a building dressed up as a superhero at one in the morning. 

- I always thought seeing a Robin was a sign of Spring, but I guess in Petoskey it’s seeing a Batman. 

- If you ask me he looked more like “Fatman” than “Batman”.  

- He was bailed out of jail by a nicely dressed, elderly man named “Alfred”.

- There was a super-secret pocket in his bat-utility belt where he keeps his “medications”!