New Orleans plastic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley has developed an iPhone app with 3D imaging technology to help women visualize what they’d look like with breast implants.  The woman just takes a pic of herself in a bra or bathing suit, then uses a sliding tool bar to make her boobs bigger or smaller.  It also links to plastic surgeons in the users area and lets them upload the photo to Facebook so family and friends can weigh in with their opinions.   

- Want Bigger Boobs?  Now there really is an App for That!

- These pictures are gonna get more “Likes” than the one of Pippa Middleton in her Royal bridesmaid gown! 

- Dr. Kinsley is reportedly working on a similar program for men that also uses a “sliding tool bar”…

- It might not be a good idea to upload these pictures to your brothers-in-law…

- If you put these pictures on the internet, expect to be getting a lot of new Facebook “friend requests” from guys!

- This will make a great new dating service… Instead of “” this will be “double”!