It was great to see Dennis “The Worm” Rodman get his number “10” jersey retired Friday night at the Palace.  Surrounded by many members of his Bad Boy championship teammates, an emotional Dennis thanked the crowd, his family and the franchise.

Top 3 highlights from Dennis’ Big Night…

1)  Dennis being detained for over an hour at a Palace metal detector while he removed his 300 metal piercings.  

2)  Watching the Diet Coke Dennis was drinking leak out of the holes in his body after he removed his piercings.  And…

3)  Isaiah Thomas hitting on female Palace employees.

-  Unfortunately the Pistons came up short in the game that followed Dennis’ number being retired; losing to one of his other former teams, the Chicago Bulls.  Of course on this Friday night there was more “Bull” coming out of Chicago at the Charlie Sheen concert!  

 -  Oh, and by the way, not many people know this…Dennis was given the nickname “The Worm” because of something he contracted after sleeping with Madonna.