Hi, it’s Big Al and I’m “Web Sitting” for Dick and Jackie this week.  And now the news!…

Did you pick up on that strange smell in the air last night?  It was coming out of the west.  Sunday night was garbage night in my neck of the woods; was that where the stench was coming from?  Alas, I figured it out; the foul smell was coming from Chicago and Charlie Sheen’s second stop on his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option” tour!  

Yes, after the “Debacle in Detroit” opening Friday night, Sheen performed what was called an “improved” show to a sold out audience at the 3,600-seat Chicago Theater.  And what better place for Sheen to spew his nonsense than in a city with “Windy” as part of its nickname.  Right from the beginning Charlie used expletives to describe the reaction he got Friday night in Motown, where a disappointed crowd regaled him in a chorus of boos.  It just proves we have better taste than our friends across the lake…not to mention better pizza!  

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