There’s scientific proof that today’s kids can’t survive without electronic gadgets.  A British group studied people between 17 and 23 from ten nations who were all banned from using cell phones, the Internet, TV or social media for 24 hours.  79% reported adverse reactions similar to drug addicts going cold turkey.  Among the symptoms:  weird cravings; “itching like a crackhead”; and feelings of confusion, distress and failure. One gave up after 15 hours and some held their cell phones just to touch them.  BTW… they were allowed to read books and use landline phones, but it didn’t help. 

- Instead of cell phones, some of the boys wanted to touch the girl’s “I (Heart) Boobies” bracelets.   

- They were confused because they didn’t know what a landline was and they weren’t allowed to look it up on the Internet. 

- Sometimes I hold onto my cell phone too… but that’s only so I remember where I put it.  

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