Wednesday Bill Clinton praised New York and it’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg for cleaning the air in Times Square by banning cars and making it a family tourist destination.  But he got nostalgic for his first visit there in 1964, when it was filled with hookers and porn theaters.  He said he vividly recalls the experience including seeing “a hooker approach a man in a gray flannel suit.  Pretty heavy stuff for a guy from Arkansas.”  Clinton said it was “romantic and fascinating” but quickly added, “My view is, it’s way better now”. 

- And at that moment his nose grew three inches, and dressed in a gray flannel suit he hopped in a cab and took off.   

- “Romantic and fascinating”… two words he’s never used to describe Hillary’s pantsuits.

- Clinton added that if you’re gonna turn Times Square into Disneyland, the least you can do is include “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” and have a few princesses walking around.