The Bronx Zoo says it could be weeks before they find the escaped cobra that got out of its enclosure at the reptile house.  But now an anonymous prankster claiming to be the cobra has taken to taunting them from its own Twitter page, @BronxZoosCobra. So far, “The Cobra” has tweeted that it’s taken in a late night show taping, made plans to attend a Broadway musical, and offered to bite Donald Trump to keep him from running for President.

- If the cobra wants to remain free it shouldn’t bite Trump, it should just hide in his hair.

- The late night show the cobra took in was “Letterman”, the night Dave was doing “Stupid Venomous Snake Tricks”.

- The cobra is probably still on the grounds of the zoo.  I mean what cobra in its right mind would want to be all alone on the streets of New York?

- We all know know that Cobra’s know how to twitter and have their own Cobra health care plan!