Maryland-based Flying Dog Brewery is suing the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for rejecting the name of their 20th anniversary India pale ale. It’s called “Raging Bitch.” It’s the latest in a line of beers that includes “In Heat Wheat” Ale and other suggestive names. The makers say “Raging Bitch” was voted by a trade publication as one of the top 10 new beers of 2010, and censoring the name in Michigan has cost them sales and violated their freedom of speech. They also note that the state commission allowed the sale of a Grand Rapids-made beer called “Dirty Bastard.” 

- Say barkeep; pour me another “Shih Tzu Schlitz”, please!

- My two favorite drinks are a “Long Island Iced Flea” and a “Pina Chihuahua”.

- The Flying Dog Brewery has warned the Michigan Liquor Control Commission that it will not just roll over and play dead.