Psychologists at a University in the Netherlands discovered that people make wiser decisions when their bladders are full.  Apparently bladder control is linked to the same part of the brain that activates feelings of desire and reward, so when people try to control their bladders, they also put pressure on the brain to control impulses for short term pleasure.  So if you need to make a wise decision that’s best for the long term, drinking water and holding it may help you hold off on making expensive purchases.  In fact, just thinking about words related to urination helped people make wiser financial decisions. 

- Are those “wiser” decisions or “whizzer” decisions? 

- One researcher said he knew what the results would be even before the study.  I guess he has ESPee! 

- So if you can convince your wife to “hold it” when she goes perfume shopping, she’s less likely to drop big bucks on eau de toilette!  

- Bottom line:  If you want to be smart, hold off on making your “Bladder Gladder”!