Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers was the only pool reporter allowed to cover a big Democratic fundraiser at a Florida mansion the other evening - featuring Joe Biden.  But he told the Drudge Report that a staffer for the Veep told him he wasn’t allowed to mingle with the guests. Instead, he was put in a storage closet - guarded by a staffer.  He was allowed out for 35 minutes to hear Biden’s speech, but was then taken back to the closet for the rest of the night.  Biden’s staff has apologized but critics are questioning whether stuffing a reporter in a closet is legal. 

- Luckily, Biden’s staff is really used to apologizing… it’s just usually for something Joe said. 

- Don’t Democrats usually encourage people to come out of the closet? 

- This is what’s known as “Lack of Freedom of The Press”. 

- Rachel Maddow wasn’t chosen as the pool reporter because she’s already come out of the closet!

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