Madonna is facing lawsuits and a lot of bad publicity after canceling plans to build a $15 million school for poor girls in Malawi.  Locals were already mad at her for allegedly bending rules to adopt two Malawi kids and for forcing a village to move to make room for the school.  Now Madonna has pulled the plug on the school after learning that her charity’s executive director - the partner of her former personal trainer - quit after admitting that he and some staffer’s spent $3.8 million on salaries, golf memberships, chauffeured cars and other luxuries before the first brick was laid. 

- When I think of Madonna, it’s not usually “bricks” I think of as getting laid.  

- It was going to the be the first school in history to teach “Sex Ed” in Kindergarten! 

- The kids attending Madonna’s school would have been required to get the usual vaccinations… and a few extra shots of penicillin. 

- If you can’t trust the life-partner of your formal personal trainer with $15 million bucks… who can you trust?