The hottest fashion item at this year’s Cheltenham Festival horse race in England is a pair of designer shoes that make a woman look as if she has horse’s hooves.  Touted as the perfect shoes for a day at the races, the $2000 shoes come in knee-high or ankle-high styles with realistic-looking imitation hooves and up 5,000 horsehairs on the legs.  One model said they’re really comfortable and make you feel like “galloping down the catwalk”.  

- Of course if you fall and break your leg, they immediately take you out back and shoot you. 

- The shoes were allegedly inspired by a photograph of Camilla Parker Bowles walking barefoot. 

- The only problem is, you have to buy them in sets of four. 

- At $2000 a pop, you’re gonna have to pony up a lot of cash! 

- Finally ladies!  The perfect shoe to match your saddlebags!