With tax time just around the corner, there are some examples of what will and won’t fly when it comes to deductions:  A woman in Texas tried to claim a $1036 rebate as depreciation on her pet emu, a Pennsylvania furniture store owner tried to deduct an arsonist’s fee as a business service, and another guy tried to deduct $65,934 for prostitutes as a “medical expense”. 

- The medical expenses usually come after you’ve been with a prostitute.   

- So the furniture store owner pays a guy to torch his showroom and that’s NOT considered a business expense?  He should at least get a credit for creating a job!  

What kind of thing does the IRS allow?  They agreed to let stripper “Chesty Love” deduct the cost of her 56EE breast implants.  They said her “freakishly large breasts” were part of a costume that’s “useful only in her business”. 

- They did agree, however, that she could no longer be considered a “small business owner”. 

- She’s so huge, she’s got a 401-KK.

- Now every IRS agent in the country is trying to get their hands on her W-2’s. 

- She later went on a reality show with Charlie Sheen called “America’s Biggest Boobs”… she came in second.