The Catholic Church has given its blessing to a new iPhone app that guides worshippers through confession. The “Confession App” leads users through an “Examination of Conscience” to help them figure out what their sins are, and suggests possible sins based on the user’s age, sex and marital status.  But the Church stresses that this just helps iPhone users prepare for confession, it doesn’t replace it.  You still have to see a priest in person.   

- Just make sure your mother doesn’t know your password!

- When I was a kid I didn’t need an iPhone to tell me what my sins were.  It seems like everytime I stepped in that booth, the Priest knew more about me than I did.  

- Coming next:  The iPray!

- Who needs this app? I prefer the old fashioned way of faxing my sins in. 

- I can see it now… “Feeling guilty about cheating on your wife?  There’s an App for that!”

- THIS JUST IN:  If you see white smoke coming out of the chimney at the Vatican… it means the Pope got a new iPad!