Fans of Ken and Barbie are being asked to decide whether the couple should get back together.  They broke-up in 2004, after 43 years of dating when Matel announced that Ken had “stepped out in a big way.” Soon after, Barbie began dating a surfer dude named Blaine.  But Matel says it’s always been Ken’s intention to “win Barbie back” and has set up two Facebook Pages and to let fans vote on whether the two should get back together in time for Valentine’s Day.

- I think we all know that what Ken “stepped out of in a big way” was a closet!  

- Don’t do it Barbie!  If he didn’t propose after 43 years of dating, he’s NEVER going to going to pop the question!

- Barbie could use some good news… Just last week the banker from Monopoly foreclosed on her Mailbu Beach House. 

- In related news… Barbie’s friend “Midge”  is on pretend anti-depressants after getting a “Dear John” letter from G.I. Joe. 

- HISTORICAL NOTE:  Barbie is the only woman in California who was actually BORN with fake boobs.