An AP-Weather Underground poll found the recent freezing weather has had serious effects on people’s romantic moods.  8% said winter makes them feel sexier than any other season, and two-thirds said their sex lives improved during the series of blizzards.  Given a choice of ways to keep warm, more people chose cuddling-up next to someone else’s warm body than putting on a Snuggie.  

- Why not do both?  After all, the Snuggie keeps you warm and “keeps your hands free”!

- Speaking of which… they should make one for outdoor use called “The Shovelie”.

Not everyone’s temperature goes up when the thermometer drops.  15% of those surveryed said being stuck in the house because of snow and ice made them have less sex than usual. 

- Of course that’s because the person they usually have sex with doesn’t live in their house.