surveryed nearly 2500 U.S. managers to find the weirdest excuses exployees have given for being late to work.  They include:  “My car was infested with bees”; “My karma was out of synch”; I was attacked by my cat”; “I’m on time, but the company clock is wrong”; “There was a problem with the public transportation.” That excuse came with a note to verify it, signed, “The Bus Driver”.  And finally… “My botox appointment ran late”. 

- Needless to say the woman who used the botox excuse did it with a straight face.  

- Thank God Joan Rivers doesn’t have a real job… she’d never even make it in.  

- The clock excuse might have worked if only the guy hadn’t worked at Timex.

- To his credit, his boss said he took a licking but kept on ticking!

- After signing the note, the bus driver added, “The Wheels on the Bus Didn’t Go Round and Round!”