A Connecticut man accused of animal abuse for having a “romantic interlude” with a horse got the right lawyer. Even though the man was caught in the act, the accused’s lawyer, says his client denies “from the get go” that he abused the horse.  He went on to say, “If this was a guy and a sheep - and I’ve had a few of those cases - this would not have gotten nearly the media attention it has.”  But I guess because a horse is higher off the ground, it leaves a little more to the imagination.” 

- The technical name for “a guy and a sheep case”:  “Marty Had A Little Lamb”. 

- His client must think he’s a real stud.

- I guess he just wanted to “sew his wild oats” with someone who actually eats them.

- This whole thing is like the XXX-Rated version of “The Horse Whisperer”.  

- Their date went so well he’s thinking of Mare-y-ing her!!!