The Russian budget airline Avianova was forced to reduce the number of seats in their planes from 180 to 159 by a change in Russian customs policy… but they’re not letting the extra space go to waste.  They’ve installed stages in the planes and plan to hire clowns, actors and musicians to entertain passengers during flights. 

- The mimes will be strapped to the wings so people can watch them fight the wind!

- The first class passengers will get real singers; In coach, they’ll just lip-sync. 

- I can hear the pilot now, “If you look out the right side of the plane, you’ll see Siberia.  If you look at the stage, you’ll see “The Amazing Vladimir” pull a Capitalist Pig out of his hat!”

- This sounds like the perfect gig for David Hasselhoff… If he ends up falling down during his act, people will just think it’s the turbulence.