Flying is so common now, you’d think everyone would be an expert, but a poll of 3,000 Virgin Airlines flight attendants found that they still get plenty of stupid questions from newbies.  Questions included, “where is the planes playroom?”, “Where are the showers?” and “Is there a McDonalds on board.  They’ve also been asked to turn down the planes engines because they’re too loud and to ask the pilots to stop the turbulence.  The most common question of all?  “Please, can you open the window?”

- The only way to stop the turbulence is to get the parents of the kid sitting behind you to get him to stop kicking your seat!

- These people are referred to as “Non-Frequent Flyers”. 

- I think the most ridiculous question is, “Are we there yet?”

- One man asked if he could go to the cockpit and meet the Auto-Pilot.