Tuesday was “Working Naked Day.” when at-home workers are encourage to have fun, release their inhibitions and celebrate not be stuck with co-workers in an office by doing their jobs in the buff.  It was founded by a Dallas woman who has worked at home for 20 years and says there is often a stigma attached to those who don’t head off to an office everyday.  “Working Naked Day” encourages at-home workers to stand up and say, “It’s okay.  I’m not embarassed, and I bet a lot of people in corporate jobs wish they could work at home too.”

- It all went horribly wrong when an overweight male nurse thought “Work Naked Day at Home” was for people who worked in Nursing Homes.  (Stop scaring old people!)

- Big Al spent the day looking in the blinds of a woman who runs a pole dancing class out of her house.