Hope you’re having a great weekend! To keep you company while you’re “Decking the Halls”… our latest Podcast is up and running and we’ve got a star-studded one for you today! Listen in as we welcome Bill Clinton to my dining-room table discussion of everything from his recent appearance on “The View” (where he made Whoopi!) to why some Muslim woman are being banned from touching zuchinni. (Yup. That’s why). Plus we talk about the 7-year-old boy who’s been accused of sexual harassment for fighting back against a bully and discuss the latest candidate to become “Anger Management Monthy’s” new poster boy.  We also touch on Madonna (figuratively, not literally… we’re fresh out of penicillin) and her upcoming appearance at the Superbowl. And speaking of bowls, we debate why Michigan is going to a bigger, more prestigious Bowl game than Michigan State… even though State beat Michigan! 

And with just a few short weeks left to get the perfect, inexpensive gift for that special someone on your list… we give you more details about how you can get my new CD “The Best Of Dick Purtan & Purtan’s People - Vol. 10” for just $19.99!  It’s as simple as clicking on the blue ad above, and you’ll have it in two or three days - in plenty of time for Christmas and the Holidays! 

Merry Christmas! And now… on with the show! (34min. 52sec.)  

Purtan Podcast #22: Nude, Rude & Lewd Celebrities… It Must Be The Holidaze!   


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