Ever wondered what it would be like to have dinner with Al Gore? Well, according to famed Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, who was recently seated next to the former vice president at a dinner party, it’s “taxing…and in fact unpleasant”.  

- Woodward said Gore spent the whole time blaming Global Warming on “the hot flashes of menopausal women”.  

- “Taxing and unpleasant”… those are the same words Tipper used to describe him in their divorce papers.  

During a speech last Thursday Woodward offered up another tidbit: He said he once asked Gore how much the public knows about what went on during the Clinton administration. Gore replied, “One percent”. He then asked how much Americans would know if Gore were to write a memoir. Gore retorted, “Two percent”. 

- If Monica Lewinsky only makes up 1% of what we know… Apparently Bill Clinton was ordering a lot more Pizza than we thought! 




- Don’t feel bad… Hillary Clinton only knows about 3% of what went on.