Today’s the day!



Our big “Morning Show Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus/New Year’s Eve Party”! I know a lot of people have their office get-togethers after Christmas - (it’s easier to get reservations) and we’re no exception! As is our tradition, we’re having a luncheon - and along with the regular morning show gang, we’re expecting a special guest at our table: Kwame Kilpatrick!  (He offered to pick-up the tab… then called me back and said that after his monthly expenses he only had 6 bucks to throw in the pot. I’m trying to work out a monthly payment plan for him. If all goes well, he should have the lunch paid off by Christmas of 2024!)

In keeping with this week’s “Holiday Schedule”, today we’re featuring two of my favorite “Best Of” bits from CD’s 1-9.  Today’s two are from Volume 7 which was released in 2000.  

I’m off to put on my “I’m With Stupid T-Shirt”… (Yup, I’m sitting next to Big Al!)

Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday with all the party details and more!


Dick’s Newticle Notes (:59)

Purtan’s Kiddie Christmas (2:39)