Well, we had our big “Morning Show Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus/New’s Eve Party” yesterday at PF Changs in Northville.  (And yes… I was hungry an hour later!)

I had insisted on a “no gift” policy and unfortunately, everybody took me seriously! 

The one “present” handed out was a copy of “The Best of Dick Purtan & Purtan’s People - Vol. 10” CD to all the guys on the show… (who apparently were too cheap to buy it for themselves!)  

Some highlights from the lunch…

- Big Al was late getting there (as always).

- Jackie was sick with the stomach flu so she didn’t make it. (I didn’t really mean to put that in the list of “highlights”!) 

- Being the only female there, Rebekah was like a rose between a whole bunch of thorns.  

- Of course, being the host, I picked up the check. (The boys fought over it) … NOT! 

- Among the dishes we shared:  Lettuce wraps, Mongolian Beef, and some kind of Shrimp with Melon Balls. (yes, “Shrimp with Melon Balls”).  I didn’t even know shrimp had those things! 

- We were going to have everything put in doggie bags to take home until we realized that the only thing left were two of the melon balls, and only Rebekah was man enough to take those home!

With the exception of the time we spent talking about various Program Directors we worked with over the years, we had a great time!!!

And now on to today’s “Best Ofs”… Two of my favorite cuts from the past.  One is a wrong number call that I received in the studio that features the late, great Gene Tayor, from “The Best of Purtan - Vol. 1” - released in 1985.  And the second was from 1996, when my daughter Jessica’s soon-to-be husband Chris, had to fill out a “Marriage Assessment Test”. It’s from Volume 5.  As our waitress at the luncheon said yesterday… “Enjoy!” 

Wrong Number Put-On Call (5:24)

Marriage Assessment Test (1:45) 


P.S. See you back here Friday with more “Blasts from the Past”!