Justin Bieber has denied ever meeting the woman who claims he fathered her baby during an alleged 30 second romp after a concert last year.  He is demanding a DNA test to prove he’s not the father, then plans to sue for defamation.  He claims he always goes straight to a limo and home after the shows. 

- He has a limo driver so he can play “Super Mario Bros.” on his DS on the ride home. 

- Justin’s mom said it’s possible he could accidentally be the father because, “He’s so young, I haven’t had ‘The Talk’ with him yet.

Meanwhile the woman’s ex-boyfriend told the New York Post that “it’s a scam,” and that she first tried to tell him he was the father, but that was impossible since they hadn’t even been in the same state within months of the conception. 

- This woman is obviously in the state of confusion!

- Two words:  Bill Clinton. 

- Two more words:  John Edwards.