A Vancouver restaurant called Edible Canada has reportedly banned male customers from peeing standing up. The eatery has a unisex bathroom; so to prevent men from messing it up with their “bad aim” and refusal to raise the seat, they’ve posted a sign above the toilet.  It shows a stick figure man standing up, tinkling into the commode with circle around it and a line through it to indicate:  “No peeing standing up”. Critics say they sympathize with the problem, but say the ban is completely unenforceable. 

- Why don’t they just give each guy a Cheerio along with the menu? 

- The restaurant’s owner thinks a cleaner bathroom will bring in more customers and more money… He calls it “Tinkle Down Economics”. 

- They already have a sign for women in the bathroom reading, “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie… Wipe the Seatie!”