Hi, Big Al here, “star” of the new ABC police drama “Detroit 1-8-7”.  I make my network television debut tonight at 10 p.m. on Channel 7 as…POLKA BAND LEADER!  (Set your DVR and don’t blink)  Many thanks to my Detroit media colleagues for the extensive coverage about my “break out” performance.  (See links below for all the buzz in the local media)  Over the last two days I’ve actually made bigger headlines than Lindsay Lohan!  Speaking of “big”, I promise that my new career won’t make me “big headed”, but after you see the size of my head in the picture that ran in the Freep article, you might think twice.  And I thought TV added ten lbs. on a person!  I also want you to know that I finally launched my own Facebook Fan Page to keep you up to date on my burgeoning career.  (I actually used the word “burgeoning” on my own; I didn’t have to use a thesaurus)  Just go onto Facebook and type in “Big Al Muskavito”.  

Finally, the overwhelming coverage of my appearance on “Detroit 1-8-7” brings to mind the famous Winston Churchill wartime quote, when he said: “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”.  However, in the case of my role on tonight’s “1-8-7” allow me to paraphrase Mr. Churchill by saying:  “Never has so much been made over something so little”.  THANKS EVERYONE!  

P.S. Don’t miss the messages below the links for some very important community causes…


Dick Purtan’s (Big) Al does ‘Detroit 1-8-7’  (By the Free Press’ B.J. Hammerstein)

Big Al in Detroit News  (By Susan Whitall)  *You’ll need to scroll down a bit once you get to the linked page)

Big Al on Frank Beckman Show WJR  (Give it several seconds to load)

Big Al in Detroit 1-8-7 Commercial  (Click on the video clip entitled: “The Best Network Cop Show”


HURRY!!!…With your vote the Salvation Army could receive a $250,000 GRANT from Pepsi to feed and shelter Detroit’s needy! No donation needed, VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT BUT ONLY THROUGH THIS THURSDAY!  at http://www.refresheverything.com/salmich.

Thursday, October 14th, I’ll be providing a “little” entertainment at a “BIG” gala and Joanne Purtan is the  Mistress of Ceremonies!  It’s all in support of the “Information Center” in Taylor, an incredible non profit organization that helps job seekers, seniors, the disabled, caregivers, and a whole lot more.  For more info and tickets call 734-282-7171.  (By the way…Our very own Rebekah Rhodes will be there.  She handles the “Centers” publicity.  And another WOMC Alum, Ron T., will be in the crowd, too!)