You don’t need to be a “LeBrain” surgeon to tell this LeBron James deal is out of control!

Can you believe ESPN is blocking out an hour of time tonight at 9:00 to provide LeBron James a national televised forum to announce where he’ll play basketball next season?  ESPN has titled the show “The Decision”.  My decision?  To DVR it and watch the only important part of the show later, that being the :10 seconds it takes LeBron to announce where he’s playing!


Waiter, an extra napkin and a defibrillator please… has listed the 50 Fattest Foods in the U.S., choosing one dish from each U.S. state.  Some of the more unusual dishes:  New York’s “Garbage Plate,” a dish that combines meat, home fries, macaroni salad and baked beans on one plate, drenched in mustard, onions and hot sauce and weighing in at 3 pounds.  Then there’s Indiana’s Fried Brain Sandwich, which is literally a battered pork brain on a bun…

Sounds like Big Al is going on a road trip this summer!

Fried Brain Sandwich?  Why that’s Lindsay Lohan’s favorite dish!


Now here’s a menu item I can relate to…

Wasilla, Alaska, has a new claim to fame besides Sarah Palin.  Local distiller Toby Foster has created a smoked salmon flavored vodka that’s already available in Alaska bars, and he hopes to take it nationwide.  Foster said it took him about 50 tries to perfect smoked salmon vodka.

I wonder…What kind of wine goes with salmon-flavored vodka?  Red or white?

Hey, no wonder salmon swim UP stream…THEY’RE DRUNK!

Next drink special ready to hit the market…Tuna Tequila!


Some Post July 4th History…

Well even though the 4th of July Weekend is now but a distant memory, we thought we’d pass along one historical reference that got by us…Last week marked the 232nd anniversary that Mary Ludwig Hays carried water to American Revolutionary soldiers at the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey.  She became known in history as “Molly Pitcher”.

Of course when she got tired they brought a “Relief Pitcher”  (Keep the groans to yourself please)

Big Al points out that Molly wasn’t as popular as the woman with the big jugs…of water.  (Go to your room Big Al)


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