Over the last several years I recited the following poem on the air in honor and in memory of the brave men and women who have laid down their lives so that we can live ours.

 “The Inscription” was sent to us by a listener, Paul Reside.  Paul’s Grandmother, Annabelle Gunnett Jones, penned this poem around 1932.  The poem had been printed in the Perry County, Ohio newspaper for a number of years on “Decoration Day” or as we know it today – “Memorial Day”.  Annabelle was inspired to write the poem by her husband, who was a WWI Veteran, as a tribute to the Unknown Soldier.

Share “The Inscription” with your family and friends.  It is imperative that we never forget the sacrifice our men and women in uniform have made, and continue to make today, so that we may live in freedom.

 Have a Safe Memorial Weekend…and God Bless America!




By Annabelle Gunnett Jones


“Here lies an American Soldier

Known but to God.”

As I read the words over softly

I said to myself, “how odd!”


For I knew the Unknown Soldier

Ever since he was a lad.

He was just an average boy

Neither too good or too bad.


He liked to play ball, and marbles

Climb trees, fish and swim.

Collect moths and arrowheads

Or whatever suited his whim.


I watched him grow to Manhood

And fall in love with a fair-haired lass.

While half a war torn world away

The cry was “They shall not pass.”


I was there on the station platform

When he kissed his sweetheart goodbye.

There he started his journey

To a foreign land to die.


Letters came from o’er the billows

What a story they did tell!

Then - the message - he was missing

In the Argonne’s flaming hell.


Back across the restless ocean

To his own dear native shore.

They brought his broken body home

Here to sleep for evermore.


Back and forth, the sentry paces

With his firmly shouldered gun.

Ever guarding the sleep of the soldier

Called “Unknown” by everyone.


But I know his name, so listen!

While I tell it to everyone.

He’s not an Unknown Soldier

For his Mother called him — Son.