Friday again.  And not just Friday… the start of a long weekend!  

It was an amazing week… After dragging Detroit through the mud for what seems like forever, Kwame is finally settled in his new home.  And this time it’s not a million dollar mansion in Dallas.  I guess a realtor might describe it as “a one-bedroom, one-bathroom fixer-upper – with lots of neighbors and within walking distance of bars!”  That reminds me, I’ve got to run out and get him a cell-warming gift…

Unfortunately oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico from that BP disaster…  What a tragedy!  As I write this, they’re pumping mud and golf balls into the hole to try to slow it down enough for them to pour in concrete and seal it off.  (I heard that Elin Nordegrin volunteered to have Tiger Woods go down and personally place each golf ball directly in the hole).

On a lighter note… A lot of TV shows wrapped up this week… DWTS, American Idol, Lost, 24… I think the only show that didn’t have a “MUCH-ANTICIPATED, MUST-SEE 2-HOUR SEASON FINALE” was the Local Wetlands Board Meeting on Cable Access. 

As for me… I enjoyed the fabulous weather, spent a lot of time outside reading a great book by Late Late Night Host Craig Ferguson, and really just relaxed… until I heard the words I had been dreading for weeks:

“Honey… I think it’s time to clean the garage!!!” 

Talk about a mood-wrecker. 

It’s not that I don’t help around the house… I’m great at taking out the garbage, rinsing dishes, and putting away socks.  I even replace the toilet paper (For those of you skeptics out there, I actually put it on the roll, not just balance it on top, thank-you) - but the whole “garage-thing” has always been a weak point for me.  First of all, it’s A GARAGE.  It’s supposed to get a little dirty, right?  Not according to Gail.  She has it more organized than the Ferndale Public Library. 

“What’s to clean?” I asked sheepishly.  “It looks great… honest!”  She then gave me that sweet, nice-try-but-you’re-not-getting-out-of-this look.  “We need to move the cars out, sweep, and then scrub the floor”. 

“But I have to work on tomorrows show”, I said quickly – temporarily forgetting that I didn’t have a show to work on.  Oh well! 

And so we cleaned the garage.  And I have to say… it looks exactly like it did before.  Perfect!

And that’s how I hope your weekend goes.  Speaking of which, Monday is Memorial Day and in honor of that, Saturday morning we will post the words to “The Inscription”.  It’s a beautiful piece written in the 1930’s by a Grandmother in Ohio that I’ve I read on the air over this weekend every year for the last ten years or so.   It was dedicated to those American’s lost in WWI… but her words are just as fitting today as they were then. 

God Bless America!