Hi everybody, Big Al here!…Have you caught up with the controversy surrounding the newly crowned Miss U.S.A.? - And who just happens to be our very own Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih!  Turns out she was part of a “Stripper 101 Class and Competition” back in 2007 involving one of our former friendly radio competitors.  Oh those crazy, wacky radio contests.  Gosh I miss them.  Now, I just happened to “accidentally” see the photos on the Internet and I gotta tell ya, I think they were pretty mild considering the lingerie shots the Miss U.S.A contestants were required to pose in for their “official contestant” photos.  Honest, they did.  I also “accidentally” saw the lingerie photos on the Internet (go ahead, look ‘em up) and they were much more provocative then the shots involved in this so-called pole-dancing debacle.  Even me, the anti-PC-er, think these lingerie shots are a disgrace to women.  Come on pageant officials, what happened to this is more than just a beauty pageant?  Of course we all know what the lesson here is.  In our Facebook, everything is being recorded, sex tape, nothing is a secret anymore, world we live in…THINK BEFORE YOU STRIP!  Futures are being jeopardized over past indiscretions.  Remember my photo as the New Years Baby in a past Purtan’s People Calendar? I was wearing only a giant baby diaper!  I wore the same get-up when some Sumo wrestlers visited our studio.  I also dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for one of Dick’s Comedy Night Out shows.  But wait, there’s more!  In a TV commercial we filmed several years ago for, yes, a crazy, wacky radio contest, I portrayed a character called the “Birthday Fairy”.  No wonder I’m still looking for work!  Look at the pics below; the proof is in the pudding…or the diaper, if you will.

Sorry, I know the  “Birthday Fairy” photo is blurry.  Trust me, it’s for your own good.

And now I’d like to “weigh-in” on another local lady making news because of what she was wearing or not wearing.  (Now you know you why I was always asking female listeners what they were wearing.  It’s an important issue people!)  But this next story is a real hoot.  Actually, it’s a real “hooter(s)”.  A waitress at a local Hooters, has apparently received a strong reprimand regarding her weight.  She has worked at Hooter’s for the last two years and was just informed that she must lose weight OR lose her job.  Ladies and gentlemen, from what I heard, she’s 5’ 8” tall and weighs 132 lbs!  My left leg weighs 132 lbs!  (Plus she claims she weighed 142 when she started her job).  Needless to say, she was humiliated.  Now, I “accidentally” saw a picture of this young lady on the Internet in her Hooter’s attire and she looked just fine, thank you.  Now, as a credible journalist, I really should stop by several Hooters to turn in an accurate report.  Besides, I hear their “chicken breasts” are too die for.  (I know, I’m pathetic)

Now you know why Dick gets nervous when he lets me blog for a day.  Fret not, Dick returns tomorrow!  That’s all ( that’s enough) for now!  Be well…Fondly, Big Al.





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