You Want A Spanking?  

Democrats are furious with President Obama for caving in to Republicans and agreeing to extend the Bush tax cuts for higher income groups.  Some are even threatening to block the deal in Congress. 

- President Obama doesn’t think they can do it, but the Democrats said, “Yes We Can!”

- Obama’s new slogan is “Not Making Changes You Can Believe In!”

Tuesday, the Prez gave a rather testy press conference where he knocked the Dems for not realizing that they can’t always get everything they want.  He also blasted the Republicans he’d just cut a deal with calling them bomb-throwers and saying he had to go along with them because they were holding the middle-class hostage. 

- He also put both sides of Congress in a “time out” and took away their video game privileges for a week! 

- They should just settle the whole thing by holding a boxing match between the President and new leader of the house, John Boehner… with Nancy Pelosi as the ring girl.  

It All Seemed To Be Happening In Slow Motion… 

Former “Baywatch” babe and Playboy model Donna D’Errico claims that she was pulled out of line at the airport in L.A. by a smirking TSA guard who ordered her to go into the body scanner so he could look at her naked.  She called it a misuse of power, and sarcastically said she must have overlooked the clause in her Playboy and “Baywatch” contracts that said she would forever be subject to being seen naked in person, in public, at any time, for anyone, for free whether she agrees to it or not. 

- She then added that she likes puffy clouds, walks on the beach and playing Frisbee with her dog, “Cupcake”.

- Finally!  A girl who will pose naked for millions of men who still has morals!

- On the other hand, former “Baywatch” babe Pam Anderson INSISTS on the naked scan and the extreme pat down.

- Kim Kardashian never has this problem because her butt won’t fit in the scanner!


Sarah Palin’s popularity is really getting to some people.  The FCC released letters they received from around the U.S., demanding a government investigation into Bristol Palin not being voted off “Dancing with the Stars”.  Complaints included claims that the show was part of a radical rightwing conspiracy, that Bristol wasn’t really a “star”, and that allowing her on the show was “encouraging and promoting teen pregnancy”. 

- The letter accusing the show of being part of a radical rightwing conspiracy was signed by one “K. Olbermann”.

- If you have to be a “star” to be on “DWTS” we would never have gotten to see Jerry Springer do the Rumba! (He certainly had enough “Rumbas” on his show!)

- I don’t thing Bristol’s appearance encouraged teen pregnancy.  But it did start a shocking new trend:  Teen Waltzing. 

From the “No #@*$ Sherlock File” 

The University of Western Australia surveyed over 2700 men aged 75 to 95 to find out when men lose interest in sex.  The answer:  NEVER!  One-fifth of 95 year olds said that sex was still at least somewhat important to them, even though illness and lack of a partner held them back.  And of those who were still sexually active, more than 40% said they weren’t getting enough…

- … Fiber. 

- So when it comes to sex… 75 is the new 18!

- Now I know why older men are always yelling, “Hey kid… get off of my lawn!”  They don’t want the kids peeking in the window.

- As George Burns said many times, “Sure I’d like to have more sex… but at my age it’s like shooting pool with a rope!”

The Day The Music Died…Again.

Believe it or not, it was 30 years ago today that John Lennon was gunned down outside his apartment building in NYC. 

- Why couldn’t Mark David Chapman have been a “Milli Vannilli” fan instead?!


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

- Dick