Hope you had a great weekend!  I started mine early Friday by having the first annual post-retirement morning show luncheon.  As we did every year while I was on the air, we got as many of us together as we could. We ate and reminisced (Big Al mostly ate) and had a fabulous time at P.F. Changs at Sommerset. Below are a few pictures taken sometime between the Lettuce Wraps and the Moo Goo Gai Pan. We had a great time!  The only drawback was that when I told everyone, “No Gifts” they took me seriously!!  Oh well, there’s always next year! 

From Left:  Jim Ochs, Dave Zoran, Joe Noune, Ron T, Larry Lawson, Jackie, Moi, Rebekah, Big Al and Dave Jankowski.  

Jackie uses the plastic banana spring roll platter off the dessert display tray as a holiday broach. Lovely!

The core cast of characters:  Me, Rebekah, Jackie and Big Al.  Great to be back together!  

And now… on with the news!

So Now We Can Ask And We Can Tell! 

Saturday, the Senate voted to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy banning openly gay people from serving in the military.  And just minutes before the historic vote took place something rather bizarre happened:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweeted Lady Gaga, who has fought to have the policy overturned, “DADT on it’s way to becoming history, “ and afterwards he tweeted her again, saying, “Ladygaga:  We did It! DADT is a thing of the past.”

- Lady Gaga tweeted the Senator back saying, “Don’t Call, Don’t Tweet”.

- Amazing!  I would have bet money Harry Reid hadn’t tweeted a woman in years! 

- He also tweeted the sailor in the Village People and Jim Nabors in the Marine Corps. 

- Years ago Harry Reid also sent a telegram to the Andrews Sisters informing them that World War II was over!

Somebody’s Gonna Be On Santa’s *$#@ List!

She might be happy about the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” but the holidays seem to have put Lady Gaga in a Grinch-like mood.  At a concert in London Saturday, a fan tossed a stuffed Santa toy towards her onstage. The singer picked the toy up and tried to rip it’s head off with her teeth.  When that didn’t work, attacked it with the stiletto heel of her boot, yelling, “I hate the holidays! I’m alone and miserable!”

- … “Plus I just got a tweet from Senator Harry Reid!!!!!!”

- She’s now going by the name, “Lady Grinch-Grinch”

- Of course she’s alone… her costumes are so big no guy can get near her.

- She was just in a bad mood because concert goers mistook her for a really ugly Christmas tree. 

Are You Sure This Is Decaf?  

Police in Japan arrested three men on suspicion of providing coffee enemas without a proper medical license.  The procedure was offered as a beauty treatement at their now-defunt alternative medical clinics.  It’s a popular belief in Japan that coffee enemas are a secet weight-loss technique used by American celebrities.  A Tokyo company is even offereing a “do-it-yourself” kit consisting of an enema bag, and six cans of “Café Colon” coffee. 

- This proves one thing:  Kirstie Alley has never been to Japan.

- So guys, if you run into Angelina Jolie and she asks you over for coffee, as tempting as it may be,  say no! 

- HEALTH TIP:  You will actually gain weight if you do this procedure with a Starbucks Venti-Latte with half & half, whipped cream and a caramel drizzle.

- I don’t think this is what Maxwell House had in mind when they said, “Good to the Last Drop!”


Have a great day!  More shopping for me today… Wedding anniversary tomorrow - Christmas Saturday! See you in 24 hours!

- Dick