Well it’s almost Thanksgiving and this will be a big weekend for me and my family.  Saturday night all 20 plus of us (Gail and I, plus six daughters, husbands and seven grandchildren!) will be attending the “Hob Nobble Gobble” which I’ve been told is “the party of the year”.  The event this year will take place on the field at Ford Field and will be attended by almost 2000 people!  

The gala is a benefit for The Parade Company, a non-profit organization that runs the Freedom Festival Fireworks and the annual Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

This year I have the honor to be the co-Grand Marshall of the Parade - the 84th annual - along with Tony Earley, retired Chairman and CEO of DTE, both long time supporters of the Parade.  

Getting back to the Hob Nob Gobble… It’s a black tie affair not just for adults, but for the kids as well!  And while my two grand daughters Julia and Lauren were beyond thrilled to go shopping for the PERFECT dress… things went a little differently with the boys.  

As Jackie’s 9 year old Charlie told his mom, “Trying on clothes is more boring than going to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa.” (Guess who’s outta the will!!!)

So you can imagine the fun my daughters had standing at the “Men’s Warehouse”, watching their young sons try on miniature rental tuxes with all the enthusiasm of a guy walking to the electric chair.

The one exception was Jessica’s son Jack.  At just seven years old, Jack is already quite the ladies man (if you can consider girls in 2nd grade to be “ladies”).  From what I’ve been told, he strutted out of the dressing room with all of the confidence and panache of James Bond.  “I look great!”, he announced not only to his mom but to everyone else in the store.

And so, it appears, were ready for the big night.  And when I say big, I mean BIG.  The Hob Nob Gobble features an amazing array of entertainment from singers and clowns to nearly 20 full-size carnival rides for the kids.  (And, hopefully, me! I didn’t make it to Cedar Point this summer and could use a spin on something more exciting than my recumbent bike). 

It’s going to be a great evening and we’ll take plenty of pictures which we’ll post here on Monday!  

Then Sunday, it’s “Put Up The Christmas Tree Day” at our house.  (We like to have it up and ready for Thanksgiving).  And being the handyman that I am, you can rest assured that I will be right there supervising as Gail untangles the never-ending strings of lights and puts the little silver and gold hanger-things on the ornaments.  (Just so you don’t think I’m totally incompetent, I do a mean job with the tinsel)

So that’s what I’ve got on tap this weekend… I’ve gotta sign off now… I’m going to check out the long-range forecast for next Thursday morning, Parade Day, since Gail and I will be riding on the boot of an open convertible down Woodward Avenue!  I’ve got my hat, coat, scarf, gloves, fur-lined socks and electric underwear laid out already!  Let’s hope there’s no rain or snow… it would be pretty embarrassing if my shorts shorted-out during the Parade!

I hope you have a good one and I’ll see you back here Monday!  

- Dick

P.S. Big Al will not be attending the Hob Nob Gobble as he has other plans… He’s going to the airport to see if he can get himself a nude scan and an “extreme pat down”! 

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